To date, there are over a hundred online casinos operating. As you can see on cssnky , hudreds of new casinos keep getting updated. Such online casinos keep fighting to acquire and retain a large audience. The main tool they use is a bonus offer.

Introduction to Non-Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is also known as a free cash bonus. It is the type of bonus a player unlocks without the need of doing a deposit. All you need is to meet the requirement and it is all yours. A non-deposit bonus is usually not that big.

If you are a player who wants to "taste the waters" first, then this bonus is for you. You can use such bonus to try different games available in such casinos. In case there is none that makes you happy, you can always leave and try another casino.

  • The value of no deposit bonus depends on the financial muscle of the casino. A small casino will always affort a lower bonus.


Ways to Get Non Deposit Bonus

There are different ways a player can unlock this bonus. The most common one is through account registration. After registering your account, you need to verify the email and phone number. On other online casinos, they require you to provide valid funding details.

In some cases, online casinos will require you to do some marketing in exchange for free money. You will be required to like, comment, and even share their blog posts. Others will require you to subscribe and watch their youtube channel or even subscribe to their newsletters.

Wagering Requirement Explained

If you have been playing on different online casinos, you might have come across the wagering requirement. So what is it and why should you be concerned? Before we can answer that, you should know that the wagering requirement is there to control bonuses misuse.

The wagering requirement is the number of times you will need to play on a bonus before you can withdraw it. The majority of casino bonuses come with a wagering requirement. Wagering requirement different from casino to casino. There is no industrial standard measure of the wagering requirement.

  • The average wagering requirement is 40x.

Why Impose a Wagering Requirement

With a no deposit bonus, most players want to taste the casino and leave without doing any deposit. Wagering requirement ensures such players stick for a longer period of time on a casino. You can withdraw any bonus winnings when the wagering requirement is not satisfied.

For example, you are given a sign-up with no deposit bonus of €20. The bonus has a wagering requirement of 30x for 21 days. It means that you will need to wager €600 before you can unlock your bonus. The offer expires after 21 days.

  • No deposit bonus has the highest wagering requirement.
  • If you don't satisfy the wagering requirements within the period indicated, you will lose it together with any winnings associated with it.

How to Pick the Right No Deposit Bonus

As you have seen, not all non-deposit bonuses are worthy to claim. Before you accept the bonus, you must study the wagering requirement. Such information is available on the bonus policy documents. Such information is always hidden somewhere deep on the casino site.

It is upon you to search it out. Some casinos may not state the wagering requirement. But, that should not make you assume. In some rare cases, you can find no deposit bonuses that require no wagering requirement. They are the best to play.